Friday, February 21, 2014

Two New Music Series, Yo!

Over at Los Angeles magazine, the Beast has just started a new music series called The United Sounds of Los Angeles, in which we offer up 100 must-have L.A.-centric albums from the indispensable to the willfully obscure. All genres will be represented! So get that "Like" button primed and feel free to Tweet/Comment/Repost to your heart's content. Thank you in advance!

A music series of a different stripe has just been announced for the Mayme Clayton Library in Culver City. Following the passing last year of journalist Mimi Melnick, whose Double M Jazz Salon was a vital connective tissue amongst L.A.'s far-flung jazz communities for nearly two decades, the Clayton has decided to continue Mimi's salons. And their starting this new series on April 6 with a corker of a show: A Celebration of the Music of Horace Tapscott. (There's a bit of poetic justice here: Tapscott was an early supporter of Ms. Clayton's efforts to found the Western States Black Research Center, which evolved into the current Clayton Library.) The killer band is made up of Tapscott friends and acolytes: Bassist Roberto Miguel Miranda, drummer Fritz Wise, saxophonists Michael Session and Tracy Caldwell and poet Kamau Daa'ood. There's even a real coup afoot: the great pianist Bobby West is flying in from Europe JUST FOR THIS SHOW. There is no excuse to miss this -- especially if a cat like Mr. West can cross the Atlantic to pay his respects on what would have been his mentor's 80th birthday. You can buy your tickets here. And if you can't make it? GET THE WORD OUT ANYWAY!