Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A SHOUT-OUT: Starlady1

We don't know who you are Starlady1 -- I mean, we've seen your kelplike dreads online, and we think your real name might be "Deborah" and your latest MySpace mood is "adventurous" and your listed occupation is "Production" -- but we've discovered your wondrous YouTube channel Community 101 devoted to the arts enclave of Leimert Park. It's especially valuable because it adds another great dimension to an area that, at least with music, still operates on a different sort of "social network" -- namely, word of mouth. For us squares in other 'hoods who love Leimert's culture and music, you have captured some important and remarkable moments that in the past would have stayed contained within the collective lore of the locals. Here's just a sampling of your lovingly curatorial captures:

Horace Tapscott live at Kabasa, Los Angeles:

Jesse Sharps Ensemble performs Abdul Salim's "Song for My Children":

Leimert Park Drum Circle:

Dwight Trible and Derf Reklaw at the Malcolm X Festival:

Randall Fisher and the Creative Arts Ensemble pay trib' to 'Trane:

A Tribute to Nathaniel Morgan:

An Interview with the late Billy Higgins:

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  1. Greetings from Starlady.
    Thank you for this lovely blog.
    My name is Teresa Jenkins of Community 101.
    one love