Monday, February 21, 2011


A Modern Labor Protest Song for Wisconsin State Employees
Who Now Find Themselves in a Crowd Scene from Hoffa*
*set to the tune “Boyz-n-the-Hood” by Eazy-E

Woke up early on a February day
Snow drifts blowin’, Sky’s all grey
Mainline coffee so the day can start
Warmin’ up the car like Dale Earnhardt

About to go when my feet just froze
My body stopped in a deer-like pose
Heard a sound like a herd of moose
People be chantin’ “No more abuse.”

I peeked thru the curtains and saw the crowd
All my fellow C’headz like a giant storm cloud
I bailed outside like a crackhead stalker
And found ‘em chantin’ “Down with Scott Walker!”

Then I let the NPR play
I heard some shit about cuttin’ my pay
It was union-bustin’ on ol’ State Street
So all y’all can read my Tweet

"Marchin' down the street in my snow boots,
Flippin’ my finger, showin’ my glutes
Tell those Koch Boyz who think they’re blessed
Welcome to the Cairo of the Midwest"**

‘Cause the peeps in the street will always win
Shit be bouncin’ off our thick skin
Now you must know, O Guvnuh Walkah
Packers winnin’ must be somethin’ in the watah

[The rest of the song devolves into a string of random obscenities]

**137 characters -- nailed it!

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