Friday, December 9, 2011

Symphony for Awkward in D-Minor

Thanks to our Blog Bud David Ocker, we discovered this terrific website that takes some -- or maybe close to all -- of the mystery and majesty of classical music and steps on it with a giant red clown shoe and accompanying bike-horn sound effect. As it turns out, indie gospel and Christian music albums do NOT have the monopoly on silly, awkward or just plain "WTF?" images. Of course, we couldn't help adding our own commentary. A sampling:

This will soon turn into an equally awkward orgy.
They're hot, yes -- but they're also probably crazy.

 The Hyphenated Trio.

Good Lord, they're about to give Maestro a rectal!

Why Mary Poppins was "let go."

Trying to re-create Bowie's Lodgers cover.

Yo-Ga Ma


A young Jon Hamm realizes he could get so much more laid if...

"You won't believe this! I asked them to get in the pool as a goof -- AND THEY DID IT!!"

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