Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh the Music You'll See... [**UPDATED]

Lots of jazz club news this month. First off, The Jazz Bakery's new monthly newsletter The Bridge debuted, and with it the news that Wynton Marsalis has signed on as a project advisor. (That’s good, right?) The Jazz at Lincoln Center poo-bah is the latest B-I-G name to be attached to the multi-million dollar new space that the Bakery has snagged next to the Kirk Douglas Theatre in Culver City. Starting in January, there also will be a new fundraising push to coincide with the Bakery's 13th anniversary and as Bakery maven Ruth Price told the Beast in a recent interview, the push will be sparked by the much-anticipated unveiling of Frank Gehry's design for the new club.

Also, if you fondly remember Venice's The Red Garter fondly as a claustraphobic, gone-to-seed dive boit (and the Beast does) you might not want to head down there this Thursday night. Apparently, the place has been hipster-flipped into the new JAZZ space (!!!) dubbed The RG Club. Kicking things off the with a rather unprecendented (for L.A.) seven-week run of a powerful quartet of LoCal luminaries: saxophonist Azar Lawrence, pianist Theo Saunders, bassist Henry "The Skipper" Franklin and drummer Alphonse Mouzon. Whoever is behind this is throwing out a lot of L-O-V-E that we havent't seen in this city in years -- I mean, when the last time you saw a 25-ft. advertisement on Lincoln Boulevard for a jazz show? "I haven’t had a steady three night a week jazz gig with the same group of musicians for many, many years," Theo Saunders marveled in an email to the Beast. "Over the course of two months, I think we’ll have the opportunity to develop something really special. We hope that you will be a part of this. It’s important for us to have people who really know how to listen! Live jazz is a reciprocal art form. The circle of energy and love cannot be whole without you!"

In less happy news (of which maybe the new owners of the Red Garter should probably take note), Little Tokyo's Blue Whale club got served an ultimatum by the city: "Unfortunately, due to a recent inquiry with the Alcoholic Beverage Control of L.A. County, we can NO LONGER ALLOW MINORS inside. ..This is without exception and regardless of the accompaniment of a parent or guardian. We thank all the amazing young fans of Jazz who have helped build the blue whale and we welcome them back when they are of legal age."

Nov. 2-4: Kenny Burrell Quintet @ Catalina's....Nov 2: Eric & Mary Ross: Ultimedia Theremin @ REDCAT....Benefit for Dayna Stephens @ The Blue Whale....Nov. 3: Carl Saunders Quartet @ Vibrato....Wild Up presents Tending Towards Tranquility: John Cage's Sonatas & Interludes for Prepared Piano @ Hammer Museum....The Jazz Bakery presents Jane Bunnett, Hilario Duran & Candido @ The Musicians Institute....Nov. 4: Dan Clucas Quintet & Alexander Vogel (solo sax) @ Open Gate Theatre....Onaje Murray @ Hal's....Plas Johnson, Nolan Shaheed & Bruce Forman @ Nic's....Nov. 5: Alexei Lubimov @ Zipper Hall....Nov. 6: Chris Speed, Jeff Parker, Devin Hoff & Matt Mayhall @ The Blue Whale....The Makers @ Seven Grand....Nov. 7: Jon Bremen, Ariel Alexander, Vardan Ovsepian, Tim Lefebre & Louis Cole @ The Blue Whale....Nov. 8-10: Azar Lawrence, Theo Saunders, Henry Franklin & Alphonse Mouzon at The Red Garter Club (new jazz club!)....Cat Power @ The Hollywood Palladium....Shlomo @ Curve Line Space....Lydia Lunch presents Retro Virus, Richie White Orchestra & Phantom Family Halo @ FIDM Museum....Nov. 9: Machine-Man: The Musical Mayhem of Raymond Scott @ REDCAT....Putter Smith @ LACMA....The Jazz Bakery presents The Clayton Brothers Quintet @ The Musicians Institute....Terry Trotter, Chuck Berghoffer & Peter Erskine @ Vitello's....Nov. 10: Spain @ The Echo....Billy Childs, Bob Sheppard, Jimmy Johnson & Joe Heredia @ Vitello's....The Sea and Cake @ Bootleg Theater....SCREAM Finale featuring Wadada Leo Smith....Nov. 11: Rickey Woodard Quartet @ Mt. Olive Lutheran Church....Nov. 12: Tin/Bag @ The Blue Whale....Nov. 14: Angel City Arts presents Lisa Mezzacappa & Fay Victor Trio featuring Nicole Mitchell @ The Blue Whale...Kim Fowley at the Hyperion Tavern....Nov. 15: Angel City Arts presents Harris Eisenstadt Golden State @ The Blue Whale....Yacht Rock Revue @ The Satellite....SASSAS presents Liquid Land screening @ Eagle Rock Center for the Arts....Nov. 16: Bob Sheppard Group @ The Blue Whale....John Weise w/ Ace Farren Ford & Provisional Riviera @ Hyperion Tavern...Cold Specks @ The Getty....Nov. 16-17: Brian Auger's Oblivion Express @ The Baked Potato....Nov. 17: Bob Sheppard @ Vibrato....Nov. 18: The Jazz Bakery presents The Proverb Trio @ The Musicians Institute....Nov. 20: OHM @ The Baked Potato....Nov. 21: Roy McCurdy Quartet @ The Lighthouse Cafe....Nov. 23: Morris Tepper @ TAIX....Chuck Manning Quartet @ Vibrato....Nov 24: Ahmad Jamal Quartet @ Segerstrom Concert Hall....Ulrich Krieger Brass Trio @ Beyond Baroque....Zane Musa @ The Seabird....Brian Auger @ Alva's Showroom....Nov. 27: Theo Saunders and Intergeneration @ The Charleston....Nov. 28: Plotz! @ La Cita....Nov. 29-30: Kneebody @ The Blue Whale....Nov. 29: Marcus Shelby Quintet @ Skirball Cultural Center


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