Monday, December 3, 2012

Nubby Sweaters, Costco Pies, Bar Codes, Nog Stains, Clove Stink, Tinsel Clumps...

...these AREN'T a few of our favorite things this holiday season -- we just couldn't think of a title for our monthly compendium of musicy links. Enjoy...

(Via Chicago)
(Huffington Post)
(Slicing Up Eyeballs)
(The Quietus)
(Outer Worlds #3)
(Pacific Standard)
(L.A. Weekly)
(Pitchfork Media)
(Black Clock)
(Mostly Music)
(New York Times)
(Turn It Up)
(Pitchfork Media)
(Chicago Reader)
(Perfect Sound Forever)
(Austin Chronicle)
(David Fricke's Alternate Take)
(The Revivalist)
(West Coast Sound)
(Sound of the City)
(Jazz Beyond Jazz)
(International Review of Music)
(Aquarium Drunkard)
(A Blog Supreme)
(L.A. Record)
(Boing Boing)
(destination: OUT)
(SF Gate)

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