Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What'd We Miss?

My there was quite a bit of it, wasn't there? Welcome back my friends, to the Blogroll that never ends. Oh, and Happy Birthday, Django Reinhardt. (The "D" is silent.)

(L.A. Magazine)
(Pitchfork Media)
(SF Gate)
(Pop + Hiss)
(New York Times)
(A Blog Supreme)
(Pacific Standard)
(The Jazz Chill Corner)
(West Coast Sound)
(L.A. Weekly)
(David Fricke's Alternate Takes)
(The Quietus)
(A.V. Club)
(Just Outside)
(Dangerous Minds)
(The Creators Project)
(New Music Box)
(Blu Notes)
(Buzzband L.A./Give It Forward)
(Destination: OUT)
(Wax Poetics)
(L.A. Record)
(Pitchfork TV)
(On An Overgrown Path)
(Do The Math)
(Burning Ambulance)
(Jazz Beyond Jazz)
(Wax Poetics)
(Detroit Free Press)
(Cult of SOC)
(Indiana Public Media)
(Burning Ambulance)
(Perfect Sound Forever)
(Point of Departure)
(Austin Chronicle)
(Musicians Are...)

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