Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blogroll Dividends Form 1045B-C4965.77-e

Ugh. The Beast has been doing our taxes the last week and the week before that we picked up a lot of shifts at our real job. Sorry for the silence, so here's an extra helping of blogtrollin' chestnuts:



(New York Times)

(Dangerous Minds)
(The Revivalist)
(Speaker Creatures)
(Point of Departure)
(33 1/3)
(Pitchfork Media)
(L.A. Weekly)
(Pacific Standard)
(A Blog Supreme)
(Wax Poetics)

(Consequence of Sound)
(West Coast Sound)
(Dangerous Minds)
(On An Overgrown Path)
(Dangerous Minds)
(Sound of the City)
(The Quietus)
(Burning Ambulance)
(L.A. Record)
(The Creators Project)
(The Wire)

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