Thursday, April 4, 2013

Horace at Harvard / Carter at Angel City?

As the Beast previously reported, Michael Heller, musical director of Harvard University's Dudley Hall Jazz Bands, put on a remarkably comprehensive tribute program to local L.A. jazz composer Horace Tapscott and his Pan Afrikan People's Arkestra back in 2011. What's more remarkable is that they tackled some of the Ark's most challenging tunes from Tapscott as well as other Ark affilitates like Jesse Sharps, Adnan Zunic and Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq. Here's the set list:

Dudley House Combo Band
1. To The Great House
2. Sonny's Dream
3. How to Choose Avocados
4. Sandy Niles
5. Ballad of Deadwood Dick
6. Warriors All
Dudley House Big Band
1. Lino's Pad
2. Daughter of Cochise
3. The Black Apostles
4. The Goat and Ram Jam
5. Mike's Tune
6. The Golden Pearl
7. Ballad for Samuel
8. Eternal Egypt Suite

What's more, the entire concert, which was broadcast live on Boston public radio, is now available on YouTube. Here's a smattering:

IN OTHER UNDERAPPRECIATED L.A. JAZZ ARTIST NEWS: This is nothing but scuttlebutt, but The Beast recently heard that the Board of Directors of the upcoming 2013 Angel City Jazz Festival are bandying about a pretty awesome idea: An entire recreation of Roots & Folklore, the epic five-album suite composed by late free jazz clarinetist John Carter (known mostly for his collaborations with cornetist Bobby Bradford) back in the 1980s. The proposal seems to be a multi-night event -- quite possibly staged at REDCAT downtown -- culminating in Carter's old pal Bobby Bradford playing his own tribute to Carter, the Death of A Sideman suite he recorded back in 1992 with David Murray. Will this even happen? Methinks Kickstarter would be a good place to, uh, start.

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